We have witnessed that wearing a hearing aid improves your communication and the quality of your experiences. Whether it is to win an argument or to listen to your grandchild play the piano for the first time, we want you to experience it all.

Yasmin Alidina

Yasmin was born in Uganda and spent time in Italy before settling in Canada in 1973. Yasmin graduated from the University of Guelph with a degree in languages and she actively speaks English, Spanish, Italian, Gujarati, and Kutchi. After having two sons, Yasmin turned her passion for languages and conversations towards becoming a Hearing Instrument Specialist. Through the years, she has volunteered at various senior centres in Guelph and Erin and continues to provide workshops and seminars on hearing healthcare. In 2015, Yasmin decided to open Raindrop Hearing Clinic with a focus on providing services in a variety of languages. Yasmin is a passionate entrepreneur, lover of yoga, enjoys dancing and travelling.

Cristiana Chirilenco

Biography coming soon!

Abid Virani

Abid Virani is a social entrepreneur, public speaker, and aspiring filmmaker. Through his undergrad at the University of Guelph and McGill University, he dedicated himself to various global health initiatives, which earned him various accolades including the Canadian Top 20 Under 20 Award and the North American Ashoka Changemakers Award for Emerging Innovators. Abid has developed a love for creation and building teams. Currently, Abid is pursuing a Master’s of Inclusive Design at OCAD University and manages Raindrop’s business development and design.

Nellai Alwar

Alwar is a user experience (UX) designer born and raised in India, where she has always been drawn towards the socio-economic problems around her. After completing her undergrad in communication design, Alwar implemented interaction design and UX design frameworks for various domains such as travel, inventory and e-commerce platforms. She is currently thinking about how to create social change while pursuing her Master’s of Inclusive Design at OCAD University. She is active as an Accessibility Expert at the Ontario Ministry of Education while also providing accessible web and design support at Raindrop Hearing!