Everybody is unique and we strive to provide an experience that is perfect for you. Please tell us if you have any special requests!

Hearing Assessment

Before the hearing test is performed, you will be asked to fill out a case history form, which gives insight of how hearing loss has impacted your life. Following the case history is a hearing test that will be conducted in a sound booth or sound proof room. You will be asked to indicate when you hear various levels of sounds and tones for each ear. Various tests will also be performed to rule out any abnormalities. The hearing assessment process typically takes thirty minutes to complete.

Patient Consulting

Once the hearing assessment has been completed, one of our specialists will discuss your hearing assessment results with you. We aim to provide the consultation in a language that is most comfortable to you. If a notable hearing loss is measured, then we will recommend a device that is suitable for your every need, style and budget. We will also do a demonstration of the hearing instrument in the office for you to experience sounds you have been missing. Raindrop Hearing will also provide a trial pair of hearing aids so that you can experience new sounds in your personal environment.

Hearing Aid Fitting

After the specialist and you have decided on the right product, a fitting date will be scheduled. At this appointment, the hearing aid will be programmed specifically to support your hearing loss. Once you are wearing your hearing aid, the specialist will go through practice exercises in using the hearing aid and its various features, which may include connecting with your cell phone, adjusting volume and replacing the battery. When you feel comfortable, it’s time to go and experience the world!

Payment Plans

We understand that sometimes the purchase of a hearing device is an unanticipated cost. We are working hard to provide you with the flexibility you need so that you can enhance your life today. Whether it is through a customized payment plan, facilitating government subsidies or connecting with private insurance, we will work with you and for you so that you can receive your device as soon as possible.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Sometimes, hearing devices need to be repaired. Our staff is well versed in repairing devices and if we are unable to do so at the Raindrop offices, we will manage the repair process directly with the manufacturer while providing you with a loaned hearing aid until your device is repaired and ready to pick up.